Our Upick Gardens are all picked out. 

Sorry, we did not expect the demand this season and have run our of upick veggies before the end of the summer.  


We have a great selection of upick, carrots, beets, potatoes, onions, cucumbers, peas & beans in the upick.  Potatoes are one crop we are extremely excited about on the farm and grow more than 40 varieties for seed which we sell to home and market gardeners in the spring.  Each year we grow a selection of 15 or more in our upick gardens.


Not all flowers can be grown in Alberta and not all cut flowers can withstand being picked and surviving the trip home.  We grow a selection of Annuals and perennial flowers on our farm including sunflowers, zinnias, snap dragons, ornamental grasses and more.  The upick flower season is typically early August until Mid September


We don’t grow a lot of strawberries, which means they are not always in season.  Your welcome to call ahead, or follow us on social media where we will post if we have berries ready for picking

Eagle Creek Farms

Our Upick Gardens account for just a fraction of the veggies we grow. There are many places you can find our Organic Veggies, mainly in Calgary, but also the Bow Valley, Red Deer & Edmonton. Check our our Farm website for more information on our veggies!

Eagle Creek Seed Potatoes

Do you grow your own garden? Did you know that we grow and sell over 40 varieties of seed potatoes to home and market gardeners? Check out our online catalouge.