Photos in the Sunflowers

We welcome visitors to the farm who want to take pictures in our Sunflower & Corn Mazes. Regular Admission Prices into the maze apply for those just wishing to take photos. Just a heads up our Sunflowers are not always in Full Bloom and their bloom period can be early, late, long or short, depending on mother nature.

We do Charge Admission into our Sunflower Fields for those wishing to challenge our mazes and those just looking to take pictures.
Maze Admission
Adults $11
Children $7
4&under free

Sunsets In The Sunflowers

Dates for Sunsets in the Sunflowers will be posted mid August, once we are certain when the fields will be in full bloom.

Selfies In The Sunflowers

There is nothing happier than a backdrop of 100,000 sunflowers. Families and friends have been coming to the farm for 16 years now for the unique experience of taking pictures in our Sunflower fields. Your welcome to bring a professional photographer along to take pictures or your phone.. It is hard to take a bad picture.