Sunflowers Field Photos

Your welcome to take as many pictures as you would like in our Sunflower Fields. Don’t be shy to bring out a photographer to create your own little mini photo shoot with your family among the Flowers.

Just a heads up our Sunflowers are not always in Full Bloom and their bloom period can be early, late, long or short, depending on mother nature.

Sunsets In The Sunflowers

Our fields are open extended hours Thursdays and Fridays until 30 min after Sunset. The best times to take sunset photos are from about 30 min before the sun sets to 15 min after. Google current sunset times as they change every week.


Sunflower Field & Maze Admission is required for both those who want to challange the mazes along with those who are looking to take photos.

Adults $11
Children $7
4&under free