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Bloom Update

Farm Open 7 Days a Week

Bloom Update: Our last 2 plantings of sunflowers are at peak bloom on September 18th.  They will continue to mature and should look great for the next 5-7 days.

Corn Maze Update: The corn is currently between 5-7 feet tall.

Upick:  Currently we have peas, beans, potatoes, carrots and beets & a small selection of flowers.

September Farm Hours
7 Days a week 11-5
Extended Hours Thursday 19th & Friday 20th until 8:00pm


$9 Adults
$6.5 Children
4 & Under Free

We do charge admission for those just wishing to take photos in the sunflower Maze


7 days a week 11am-5pm

Extended Hours Thurs & Fri until 8:00pm for the first 2 weeks of September


We are best known for our Sunflower Maze, grown from 100,000 smiling sunflowers. The Bloom typically begins around the 1st to second week of August and can stretch into September, completely dependent on the weather.  Oh and did you know our mazes are certified organic?  Yeah it may seem silly to some as the maze is only eaten by the birds, however we are an organic farm and believe everything we grow should be grown organically.


Upick-  Currently we have a small selection of flowers, peas, beans, zucchini, onions, potatoes and Strawberries.

Carrots & beets should be ready next week.

Strawberries will most likely be finished by August 9th